From Knowing 2 Doing has 40+ years of experience designing, facilitating, and evaluating high quality, active learning programs. We deliver learning strategies and experiential activities with real-world application.  Our interactive facilitation techniques are designed around adult learning principles. Our workshops are designed to be informative, thought provoking, relevant, action-oriented and FUN. This creates an environment that takes participants from Knowing 2 DOING. 

​Whether you need Leadership or Management Development, Communication and Interpersonal Skills, Team Building, or Public Speaking, Professional Development, we can help! We customize our content to meet your specific needs.  We can create custom assessments to evaluate and measure learning, behavior changes and Return On Investment (ROI).  

Our most requested training topics are listed below: 

Assertive Communication: Confidence and Respect 
Business Writing Made Almost Painless
Communication Strategies that Work 
Conflict Resolution: Welcome to the Jungle
DiSC Communication Style
Email Etiquette: Secrets to Not Be Deleted 
Grammar Brush-up 
Interpersonal Effectiveness 
Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Communication Style
Listening:  Do You Hear What I Hear
Winning With People

​Customer Service___________________________________________________________________________
Customer Retention:  TipsThat Keep ‘Em Coming Back
Dealing With Difficult People
Focus On the Customer 
Taming the Telephone:  The Outstanding Receptionist
World Class Service 

ADA & Disability Etiquette
Diversity & Inclusion
​Fairly vs. Equally
Gender Communication: He Said/She Said
Generations At Work: Age Diversity

​Leadership & Supervisory Skills_________________________________________________________________ 
Behavioral Interviewing: Beyond Tell Me About Yourself
Coaching and Counseling 
Delegating Effectively 
Emerging Leaders Series
Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
Employment Laws 101
Leadership & Mr. Potato Head 
Leadership Secrets of Santa
Leadership Series
Leading Change 
​Management Strategies
Meeting Management Repair Kit
Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI Workshop)
Performance Appraisals: Not A Once A Year Event 
Recognition and Motivation on a Shoestring
Strategic Planning and Alignment
Sexual Harassment Prevention
Storytelling to Lead and Inspire
Supervisory Series 
The Leadership Challenge
The Leader’s Role
​Women In Leadership

Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI Workshop)
Teambuilding Tools

​Training, Facilitation & Presentation Skills____________________________________________________________ Facilitation Skills 
Presentation Skills: Present Like A Pro
Public Speaking
Train The Trainer

Wellness Workshops____________________________________________________________________________
5 Things to Consider When Talking to Your Doctor
How Chronic Illness Impacts the Entire Family
Meditation in the Workplace
Stress Management
The Challenges of a Hidden Disability

​Workplace Essentials__________________________________________________________________________
​Attitude: How To Keep Bouncing Like Tiggers When Surrounded By Eeyores 
Business & Dining Etiquette
Career Development 
Generations At Work
Goal Setting
Managing Multiple Priorities 
​Office Etiquette:  What Your Coworkers Are Afraid to Tell You
Office Management:  The Professional Assistant
Organization Skills:  Getting Organized 
Orientation: Quick Start Onboarding
Problem Solving and Decision Making 
​Selling Strategies​
Stress Management
Time Management

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